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Private Business

We begin each relationship with a thorough legal needs assessment to get to know you and your business. We are then able to advise you on the steps we believe you should take to protect your interests and plan for the future. We routinely advise clients on a wide range of matters including ownership structuring, management succession, commercial transactions, contracts and agreements, dispute resolution, and corporate finance.

Fee Structures

We offer hourly rates for discrete projects as well as monthly and annual flat fee arrangements at a discount compared to standard hourly rates.

With flat fee arrangements you can add the dedicated time and the predictable, fixed cost of in-house counsel to your team at less than the cost of salary and benefits for a lawyer employee—plus the flexibility to use it when you need it, as much as you need it, where you need it, just like a private law firm.  It’s the best of both worlds for most all of your business legal needs.

Client Testimonials

“Aaron was a pivotal member of our Leadership Houston class. His leadership emerged very early on as the group was norming and establishing it’s footing for the year-long stream of classes. He exhibited the utmost in professionalism and vision as he led a majority of the class in forming a non-profit leadership institute for youth. He structured the early organizational model and brokered a pilot deployment with the KIPP Academy. I would recommend Aaron as business counsel for any complex transaction or non-profit work.”

William Traylor
Assistant Vice President,
Transformation Office,
Global Operations & Services


“I have worked with Aaron on the Board of Energistics. Aaron does a great job for us. He has a depth of knowledge of US and UK law, strong work ethic and great people skills. He gives of himself and his time to others. A real pleasure to work with and great company.”

Dave Latin

First Alpha Energy Capital LLP

“Aaron has been essential in rewriting over 400 Service Agreement contracts. His observant attention to detail enabled us to correct and revise innumerable insurance issues and other misleading occurrences that could have been detrimental to our company.”

Gary Brint
Production Services

Energy XXI

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