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Proper Estate Planning Allows Your Wishes To Be Carried Out


The importance of making a proper end of life preparations cannot be stressed enough. Many people keep pushing it off, thinking there is always time. The sad reality is that none of us are guaranteed time. Others may be bothered by the thought of death itself and allow this to paralyze them when it comes to making plans and getting their affairs in order for the end of life. However, most of these same people have wishes and thoughts about where and to whom their assets are distributed. Many of them also have ideas about what they do and do not wish to have happened when their life ends. Lack of preparation and planning means that these wishes likely will not be honored. In addition, it causes additional strain and stress on the people who are left to sort out the affairs. An example of this is the story of Debbie.   Debbie was a [...]

Proper Estate Planning Allows Your Wishes To Be Carried Out2021-02-16T23:39:05+00:00

How To Save Money While You Age Well


Your senior years should not be plagued with money problems and worries. The stress that money problems bring not only ruins your aging experience but can also be dangerous to your health. Rising health care costs and your increased need for health care can add up to big bills that can further tax your health. To age well, you must use sound financial judgment as well as make healthy choices for your body and mind. The goal is to remain as healthy as you can for as long as you can and have a healthy bank account to support those goals. Beyond the obvious, such as choosing the right insurance plan and saving money for retirement, there are other strategies you can implement to further a successful and happy retirement. Chronic stress is known to worsen health problems and can also accelerate the aging process. Though everyone experiences and handles stress differently, it is important [...]

How To Save Money While You Age Well2021-02-16T23:38:49+00:00

Identity Fraud Targeting the Elderly


The US Department of Justice has reported that more than one million elderly people have collectively lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of this targeted financial abuse. The Department has criminally charged 200 out of 250 defendants identified in the sweep. These third party scam artists account for 27% of seniors who are financially exploited. Con artists and scammers employ many different schemes to defraud seniors of their identity information and money. A large number of them are conducted over the telephone, for instance posing as an Internal Revenue Service agent claiming back taxes are owed, or frightening a grandparent to think that their grandchild has been arrested and needs bail money wired to them. Other schemes include the promise of a prize or lottery cash if they just send a large fee in order to collect their “winnings.”.  Seniors become easy victims when targeted by these social engineering schemes and it is likely [...]

Identity Fraud Targeting the Elderly2021-01-08T17:53:25+00:00

Probate Problems and Probate Court


Many people have been told that it is important to try and “avoid probate.” But just because people may have heard that term, doesn’t mean they know exactly what probate means, why it can be a problem or how to successfully avoid it. In this post, we will take a look at the term probate to understand exactly what it means, and what the process includes. What is Probate? The term probate most literally means “to prove” a will. Today it covers the entire legal process necessary to settle a person’s estate after they die. The appointed representative (usually a family member) opens the probate case in court. With the court’s help, they will work through all of the financial business that the decedent left behind. For example, probate includes disposing of personal property, money, real property or anything else that the deceased owned at the time of their death. Probate also deals with any [...]

Probate Problems and Probate Court2021-01-08T17:48:01+00:00

Healthcare Issues Faced By Senior Living Facilities


Senior living facilities often face many issues. Solutions to these problems are consistently being discussed by the government and other stakeholders. However, many of these issues are difficult and costly to solve. For example, staffing and regulation of facilities are problems consistently faced by senior living. Fraud and abuse are also issues that seem to plague this industry. Let’s take a closer look at these issues. Staffing Staffing is a major issue for senior living facilities. First, it has been reported that shortages in staff are expected to reach crisis level in the years to come. This is due to difficult working conditions and low wages, which is affecting the ability to recruit and keep quality staff. In addition, the demand for high quality care continues to increase, while the number of capable individuals is in short supply. When senior living facilities struggle with adequate staffing, patient care suffers. The ratio of residents to caregivers [...]

Healthcare Issues Faced By Senior Living Facilities2021-02-16T23:38:26+00:00

Considerations For Retirement Planning


Most people spend a lot of time dreaming of the day they can retire. The problem is that many do not move beyond dreaming to planning. Planning can be done no matter what your age, but experts encourage people to start as early as possible. Retirement planning can seem like a daunting endeavor for many people as they focus on day-to-day financial obligations. Many people have no idea where to start. A few simple questions can help people of any age plan for retirement. What does retirement look like to you? This is an essential question to ask when beginning to plan for retirement. A good starting place is to start jotting down your ideas and, if married, your spouse’s ideas for retirement. Maybe travel is in your plan. If not travel, then how do you plan to spend your time? Will you want to downsize your home? Many people find that the home where [...]

Considerations For Retirement Planning2021-02-16T23:38:12+00:00

The Physical Struggles Of Aging In Place


Aging in place is a goal for 3 out of 4 Americans aged 50 or more according to AARP. These seniors and near seniors are willing to employ alternative solutions to facilitate this. The alternatives include home sharing (32%), building an additional or accessory dwelling unit (31%) and locating into villages that provide services which enable aging in place (56%). These communities become a source of support and engagement for residents and give a sense of grounding through memories of a long time home environment. Seniors who want to reside in a community (aka, age in place) rather than seek residential institutions or nursing homes are mostly dependent on unpaid caregivers and family members for assistance with activities of daily living (ADL). These activities include laundry, self-care actions like bathing and dressing, meal preparation, and transportation. Medicare provides some long-term care services and supports (LTSS); however, the LTSS program falls far short of the need. [...]

The Physical Struggles Of Aging In Place2021-02-16T23:38:02+00:00

Common Devices That Can be Easily Hacked


Many seniors are making use of new technologies because the internet of things (IoT) is responsible for many conveniences via embedded electronic devices, and. It is becoming increasingly common for everyday items like refrigerators, thermostats, and doorbells to be internet-connected making our homes and personal information subject to hacking. A hacker will subvert computer security for malicious purposes. Seniors who employ IoT devices for safety and convenience may be less wary of all the ways their devices can be compromised. If you are a senior or have a loved one who is, it is imperative to have them, or a trusted friend, update software from device manufacturers and routinely monitor their devices. A Smart TV provides many hacking opportunities. The problem can be an annoying prankster blasting the volume control, switching channels, or even ordering movies you did not select. Or the hacker can also compromise your security and safety as your Smart TV is [...]

Common Devices That Can be Easily Hacked2021-02-16T23:37:45+00:00

Technology Helping Seniors Stay Socially Engaged and Distanced


The opportunities for people to laugh, move, and learn together is foundational to aging success. Everything we have come to know about successful, healthy aging is contingent upon connection to those around us. Enter the coronavirus pandemic to change all of that. Now aging Americans must stay socially engaged while maintaining a physical distance. This issue touches us all from senior wellness professionals, medical staff, families, inter-resident connections, and those aging in place at home and alone. The internet of things, and the virtual links it creates, is a great solution to implement in a socially distanced, troubling pandemic world. Virtual technology tools were becoming more ubiquitous before the coronavirus. Yet, the need for emotional well-being as the especially vulnerable aging population of America became isolated was the accelerant solution to address the problem. Fitness classes ranging from tai chi to yoga and other forms of movement became available in droves of senior online classes. [...]

Technology Helping Seniors Stay Socially Engaged and Distanced2020-12-23T22:44:18+00:00

The Danger of Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning


When discussing Estate Planning, we hear this question all the time: “Can’t I just grab a will off the internet, do a transfer-on-death deed for my land, put my kids on my bank account, and be done with my estate plan?” It’s just not a good idea. For the plan to work as you would want it to, it should account for plenty of complications. A good plan should protect your spouse and your children from loss of valuable government benefits, if anybody is or becomes disabled. The plan should avoid the delay and expense of probate court. The plan should protect money from children’s creditors or divorce or remarriage. It should be crafted to serve family harmony and to avoid disputes between children as joint owners. Even a relatively simple situation is made up of many moving parts. Internet documents and joint-ownership devices just won’t do the job. Also, assembling the moving parts so [...]

The Danger of Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning2020-12-17T17:01:16+00:00
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